The Mission

We all have hopes, cares and dreams, some more realistic than others, all achievable (unless it involves altering genetic make up, so far that hasn’t worked out). My head is especially in the clouds, I come up with grandiose schemes and usually come up with viable ways to do them… and then I just don’t do them.

This is a recurring problem I’ve seen in anyone’s life who is chronically unsuccessful. The inability to take risks and  just do things. What causes some people to stop in their tracks rather than carry on like their successful counterparts?  Fear, the fact is most people who are not willing to risk it, already have and lost. Or they watched someone else who they believed in lose it all.  Fear limits a person’s ability to act. Maybe you’re afraid to be rude, to come off as aggressive or whatever.

It’s time to stop fearing, it’s time to start being where you want to be. We all aspire to be that someone who is off in the distance, seemingly unattainable. But if we just try, eventually we’ll get there.

It’s time to do what we fear, it’s time to try out new things to innovate our lives. To do what it takes to stop “aspiring” to be someone and just be someone.



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