About Me

I’m an 18 year-old, college-bound, empath who is trying to find out who I am.

I can feel pain, emotional and physical, of those around me, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to shake off. I’ve figured out that I tend to push people away because of my empathetic abilities. So I usually hide behind this I-talk-WAY-to-much-about-myself demeanor because it’s easier to avoid details. If I can help the person I do so (the ultimate selfish act of empaths). I usually do it in pep-talks (without leading on that I know why they’re upset) because people tend to get self-conscious if that happens. I turn into a stand-up comedian: I joke around and generally make an ass of myself, because sometimes they need the world to be a little silly, so they don’t take everything seriously.

The problem is that I’ve built this all-changing person who becomes the person that others need her to be. Consequently I’ve lost true knowledge of myself, forgotten my true likes and dislikes and where I want to be. What I know about myself is that I’m a Pisces, born blonde with blue and yellow eyes, Christmas carols anytime of the year give me headaches instantly, I am an aspiring writer (along with many other things) and my favorite color is green.

So sadly enough, I’m on the road to self-discovery to use a classic cliche. My purpose in life right now is to discover me. So this blog will probably continue to entail random happenings in my life, what I’ve learned from them (if anything), and overall what I’m thinking. This blog will also have weekly articles featuring on Mondays “The Biblo Files”, “Writing tips Wednesdays”, and “Philosophical Fridays”.

Lots of luck, love, and memorable moments


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