American Reject.

7 Sep

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I haven’t updated this sucker in like 2-3 weeks. A Lot has happened since we last talked (which is all you can hope for, when you haven’t talked for 3 weeks, eh?) I’m in a marginally better mood then I was half an hour ago.

My Dad is being stupid. (Possibly past the perceptions of a teenage girl) It’s disappointing. I cannot blame him, mostly because of stress. A lot has happened to him too, lately (Although not mostly happy things like what has happened to me). He went into overdraft because a school held onto his check for 2 months before cashing it in, resulting in him thinking it was already charged. The landlord is unhappy because we had weeds in our yard and wants to check up on us (Ridiculous right? That’s where my labor-day weekend went… weeding and cleaning… I didn’t even get homework done.) He’s been stressed and he’s going to have to get a loan. (Bummer, right?). So lately he’s been letting himself be dragged off by his ex-wife (who was evil, might I add? Who he just recently divorced… who’s ruined my short existence). Heck, he went on a trip with her for 2 days. Gross much? I miss my daddy. I miss even pretending I could talk to him. I miss complaining about my homework and him complaining about the stupid guys at his work. I miss where we could just be bummed out together or just take the family and chill. Now, his ex-wife is taking away any time for these things again.  I can’t say I’m not bitter for giving up my extra-long weekend to clean for him. (Especially since he’s left early every evening to hang with her (like 6-8 pm.)) It blows.

Besides that, I have school. Summer break is officially over and I can attest that I didn’t get all of the things I wanted done this summer done. (Heck I’m behind in my life… not that there’s a roadmap or anything to this maze of random occurances that twist, and bend, and cross into other each other that is called my life). Not that I feel like anythings mine… Besides my money. I love having money… even if it’s not even a lot. Heck, I got $20 bucks on Friday… which is worth missing out on sleep with. (Mostly because I usually do anyways). However, I don’t know what the eff I want to do with it. I should be saving up for my trip through Europe, (after graduation) or for college apps, the A.C.T., My dozen art class fees, a passport, furniture, a car…. something…. books… I don’t know lugguage. There’s just so many things I want and need. (Especially if I’m ever going to backpack through Europe). Heck, I want to do it through the world.. I’m tempted to put college off a year to do it too. There’s so many things I want to do and I just don’t see many ways to do all of them. (Heck I don’t see anyway to do all of them… though I’m pretty crappy at predicting my life… just anothe reason to buy tarot cards I guess… (I’m pretty good at them… play with my friends’ everytime I see her.)) I also want a laptop so I can move on with this ‘writer-thing’ I haven’t finished my first book and it’s been a long time. I want to finish the first draft of at least 2 books before I graduate… right now it doesn’t look like it’s happening… (However, it does feel like the next one is going to go A LOT faster… thank goodness. I’m beginning to outline… because Vinsin is going to be finished very soon… even if I have to kill somebody to do it.)

Oh. back to school: first 2 weeks… longest 2 weeks ever. Got my picture taken… it’s satisfactory… I wish they wouldn’t put this weird shirt thing on all the seniors…. it really takes the personality out of everybody. Decided I was going to dye my hair… most likely platinum blonde and a dark red. I mean, why the heck not? Took WAY HARDER classes then I was planning on… senior year I’m going to work the hardest I have. (AP Lit, Film Studies, Government, Drawing, Sculpture, AP Lang, Debate, and finally, Oil Painting).

By the end of the year, I’ll be able to say that I’ve taken every art class that my school has (except for choir (because the kids’ are snooty and I can’t sing anyways) and Graphics (Because the teacher is a pervert.) That’s saying a lot because my school is in a poor neighborhood where although our academics suck…. art is basically the only thing that our school shines in.

In Government, I cannot stand my teacher! (As assumed by the name… it’s all about POLITICS!!! JOY! *scoffs… sarcasm. She’s a narrow minded conservative who can’t keep her prejudices to herself… I can just tell we’re going to get along! *Sighs* We had a stupid essay to do over the weekend… and I haven’t had the time for it (except for right now…. but I’d rather do a blog then suck some ass with a conservative essay.). 

Debate-this has been tough… we’re were supposed to do a speech in front of the class (Already not one of my talents), with a powerpoint about ourselves that was made of pictures… and we had to hit certain things with it… (Crappy Memory, Crappy Childhood makes all of these things very hard to pull off without looking like a drama queen.) Luckily I pulled it off, with a detachment to my birthmother that appeared very typical of a teenager. I was told my speech about me, myself and my past was very comical. (Getting my speech through with was a sure relief…. at least until my teacher had said he realized what group I was going to be in  (apparently it had been puzzling him before) and that my speech sealed it. (without telling me what categorey… isn’t that horrifically rude.). So yes, I’ve been thinking about it since the minute he said it, over and over again. I also debated in front of the class for the very first time… about pornography. I got the affirmative side…. I admit it was very amusing… the topic: Should pornography be legal? It was surprisingly easy to come up with ways why it should be. I thought I did it alright.

Oil painting is a pain in the butt (mostly because it talks so long to set-up and clean up.) And yatta, yatta…. most of my classes I’ve had tests in, and that sucks. There’s your lovely update about how my life is going…. hoping to talk to you soon.

BOY do I miss summer!

With luck, love, and clarity in your path
Yours’ Truly,


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