Random Brainwaves

11 Jul

Okay, this is almost like a continuation of the last post. The thing is, about the future…. I want to do everything!

I want to be a film director,
I want to be a writer,
an actor,
a garbageman,
a doctor,
a lawyer,
own a bookstore,
own a theater (live and movie),
I want to be a set designer,
I want to design clothes/make them,
I want to work at a coffee shop, I want to own a coffee shop,
I want to be a receptionist…
I want to be in a band…
I want to ride a bike cross-country,
I want to backpack through the world… luck being my only companion…
I want to own a venue,
I want to work as a bartender
or even a tattoo artist (Although I would refuse to do those god-awful trendy twilight tattoos and tattoo things on peoples’ butts)
I want to be a traveling artist,
a photographer…
I want to be a performing artists too! (the circus, urban or otherwise), I want to start my own publishing company,
own my own newspaper,
have a talkshow, start a series,
and basically do every job behind all that…
I would love to be the person who edits and adds the movies all together,
I would love to be a camera person,
or a make up artist…
I want to start a restaurant
I want to become a researcher
I want to be an engineer
I want to be a party planner
a chauffeur
a bus driver
I would kill to be a live-in nanny
I would like to be the sort of person who writes a book in jail
a baker, cake decorater
A philosopher
A college professor
A High-school teacher
A tutor
A Painter
One-woman band
A person who surverys people
I would like to prove how much good there is in the world
I would like to help people
Basically tell me anything and I’ll tell how much I’d like to do that!

Right now, my future is as open as anybody’s could be (possibly the only exception being a baby). I have no one telling me that I’m a genius so I must help out people in cancer research or by being a doctor.

I have no one telling me that I’m stupid so I must only be a cashier or janitor (not that I would mind either).

I’m in the blissful nothing middle-class smarts… completely average except by my wanting to try everything no matter how demeaning or uplifting it may be. I don’t know what I want to do ultimately. Maybe my fate is to just pass by life and do a bunch of odd jobs… house painting, fixing cars, teaching a foreign language…whatever… it doesn’t matter one bit what you do in life.. so long as you enjoy it.

Who knows if any of you people will ever meet me in real life… I’d like to meet you… Come out and play with me… Tell me what’s happened in your life, what your great-grandma or grandpa told you about the “old days”… tell me what you would do if you won the lottery…. tell me something that you’d never let your family know… like converting to a new religion that you really truly believe in but your Aunt Eleanor would write you out of her will and never speak to you again if she knew. Tell me what you love… what you did love… what changed that.. who you used to be, who you are now… and what would you like to become…

I used to be a stuck up bully who didn’t care about anyone, myself or anything… right now I’m a person searching for the self that I lost, and I’d like to be me in the clearest sense of the word.

Good Luck on your own journey, may your day be the best yet and overall learn to love all…
-Aspiring to be someone


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